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Swordsman of Fire
Dimension Brigade's Leader, Adelbert
Alice, Girl of the Blue Planet
Scheherazade, Speaker of Yet Unknown Truths
Sun Wukong, Enforcer for the Future
Dark Alice, Manifestation of Rage
Gill Lapis, Usurper of Maddening Power
Kaguya, Love of the Moon
Valentina, the Crumbling Illusion
Black Heart Alice
Gill Lapis, Conqueror of Attoractia
Gill Lapis, Rebel of Darkest Fires
Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia
Alice, Dimensional Traveler
Scheherazade, the Prophet
Gill Lapis, the Pure Youth
Invading Demon of Water, Valentina
Kaguya, Lunar Researcher
The Monkey King Born from Stone
Ally of the Black Moon
Space-Time Pursuer, Gill Lapis
Friend from Another World, Kaguya
Conqueror of the Black Moon, Gill Lapis
Alice, Girl of the Lake
Girl in Twilight Garb